It’s the weekend! You made it.

Today’s video is on a topic close to my heart. I’d love you to have a watch and think about what I’m suggesting.

We can be a rockstar in the kitchen, but if you’re not taking care of YOU, everything will fall apart. And sometimes it’s simpler than we think to fill up our cups.

For breakfast, something a little indulgent and fun. My kids love helping me make French Toast - dipping the bread, turning it on the pan and then of course drizzling with maple syrup and strawberries.

Tonight we roast a chicken, so make sure you take it out of the freezer to thaw early this morning. If you feel like your family will demolish a chicken in one sitting then roast two! Keep leftovers to add to the chicken stirfry tomorrow night.

I do believe that roasting a chicken is an essential life skill (unless you’re vegetarian!)

Have fun!

Today's Recipes:


French Toast


Lunch in a Pan


Roast Chicken & Roast Veggies


Choc Chip Cookies


French Toast (serves 4)

GF, DF, Veg

This is a firm family weekend favourite. I must say, my favourite way with French Toast is topped with bacon and maple syrup - an indulgent breakfast that keeps me full for HOURS!


  •    •  8 slices of thickly cut sourdough bread, gluten free bread, or bread of choice
  •    •  4 eggs
  •    •  1 tsp vanilla essence
  •    •  3 tbls butter or coconut oil
  •       TOP WITH YOUR CHOICE: Bacon, berries, stewed fruit,
  •       maple syrup, natural yoghurt, whipped cream.



  •    1.  Warm fry pan on stove over medium heat and add one tbls butter or
  •         coconut oil.
  •    2.  Whisk eggs and vanilla together in a bowl.
  •    3.  Dip bread into egg mixture and then onto warm frypan.
  •    4.  Repeat the dipping to fit as many slices onto pan as possible.
  •    5.  Flip when cooked on one side.
Prepare for tomorrow:
  • Keep some of your chicken and shred it to add to tomorrow night’s stirfry
Did you get it all done?

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