Day 1

stop making morning decisions

It’s never the big things that make the most difference - sometimes it’s the smallest switches that can really turn things around.

Putting my clothes out the night before is one of those things.

But here’s the truth - I get on a roll with it and then I stop. When I stop (perhaps it’s too late that I’m going to bed and Nick is already asleep or the washing is all over the place and I have to go hunting) and it’s something extra that needs to be done in the morning - I always regret it.

The kids clothes are the same (even though I then often deal with a fashion conscious five year old girl who wants to change what I’ve put out….bring on school next year!). Getting them into a routine that they can get out of bed and get their clothes straight on themselves makes everything feel different.

It’s less clutter for my morning.

A friend of mine takes this one step further ….

She buys herself a ‘uniform’ for the season. (In Brisbane there’s really only two seasons…. super hot and mild). Her uniform takes the choices she has to make away. She knows that there’s three dresses or one skirt and three tops and that’s her uniform. Of course she has other clothes that she can wear if she wants to - but the uniform is the default.

Isn’t that genius!??

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