Day 4

prioritise your room

Your Challenge: Declutter and create your sacred space

For years our bedroom has been a dumping ground. The place where things that have no home go to be forgotten about!

The door that can be closed when visitors arrive. Perhaps you are not like me? Perhaps your bedroom is a spotless?

Below I have a list of places that clutter can be hiding and I’d love to know where you can create more space.

Here’s the thing. If I can escape at the end of the day to a room that feels decluttered, that only has things that make me feel good and that honour me and my need for rest and relaxation then I am WINNING!

It doesn’t matter (too much) what is going on in the rest of the house. If this sacred space exists - a space where my mind can be clear - then everything feels different. How I go to sleep and how I wake up in the morning.

Here’s where clutter might hiding. And today - don’t overwhelm yourself - choose one thing to clear. And then make a list so you can work methodically through it.

Ensuite - makeup drawer/bag, toiletries, empty bottles/containers

Clothes that aren’t put away - are they on the back of chairs, in a pile, in a basket?

Bedside table - what’s there? How long has it been there? Do you really need it?

Cupboard/Drawers - OK - it’s a big job but what is screaming at you to get rid of? There’s so much value in downsizing the CHOICES you are making every day about what to wear. How many pairs of shoes do you really need?

Your bed - I recently got rid of two tattered and worn doona covers and replaced with them with something beautiful I saw on sale. I can’t believe how much more I love my room when it’s that cover is on the bed. Investing in good quality and making those little upgrades really changes how I feel about myself.

Extra clutter - we have ‘pidgeon holes’ in our room and they are always being filled with bits and pieces. We regularly clear them out. Where is it hiding in your room?