Day 3

five weeknights - five meals

Challenge: Choose five staple weeknight dinners that you can prepare quickly and easily and put them on your fridge!

Today we get practical. And we remove the brain clutter around dinners.

I have spent the last three years helping families eat more whole, real foods. Small Steps Living is a website filled with recipe ideas and blog posts on making that as easy as possible but today I share the secret to reducing brain clutter around food.

And I know you might be scared that I’ll say ‘create a meal plan’ when for so many of us that is an unattainable goal. So here’s the simplest thing you can do to help you through your weeks...

Choose FIVE dinner ideas that you know your family enjoy and write them down in a list on your fridge (download and print off this document if it helps). Just commit to cooking them. Have the pantry staples on standby to be able to whip them up.

Here is a collection of my simple, healthy dinner recipes if you need some inspiration.

Decluttering means KEEPING THINGS SIMPLE and that’s what I’m all about.

Oh and wonder why it’s not 7 meal ideas? Because you don’t need to cook 7 nights a week lovely lady. That’s cluttering up your TIME! Let’s go batch cooking - make double and freeze the rest or use it for leftovers the next day.

I’d love to know the five meals that are easy for you to prepare - share away in our Declutter Facebook Group!