Day 2

saggy bums be gone

Your Challenge: Declutter your underwear drawer!

When was the last time you cleaned out your underwear? Is it easy to find your socks, tights, bras, undies?

Isn’t it highly irritating and a WASTE OF TIME to search through the endless underwear that you never put on for the ones that you do?  Or the one sock that you will never find a match for?

And for those who might not have bought new underwear for a while - how does it make you feel to buy new things for everyone else in the family while you walk around with saggy, grey-tinted, tattered undies?

Today I give you permission to clear out and UPGRADE.

Your underwear matters and that horrible mess you deal with DAY IN AND DAY OUT is clutter BEGGING to be cleared.

Here’s the thing - it can be far simpler than we realise to reduce noise and make life easier.

Good quality underwear, kept in an organised fashion = change to my morning routine and the way I feel about myself during the day.

Head into the Facebook Group and share a photo of your undies drawer - or perhaps the socks you hold onto because you’re convinced the other one will show up - or perhaps those maternity bras that JUST MUST GO!

Make your mornings less cluttered and bring a feeling of sexy back to your life.

You matter, your underwear matters. There is value in feeling good.

We need more of that, don’t we?