Day 1


Your challenge: Turn off notifications on your phone

Emails, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Snapchat - whatever keeps beeping at you and distracting you - switch off the push notifications.

And if you like - go a step further and turn off text notifications….

What - too far??!

In truth, I had HUGE resistance to this exercise. I mean, what if someone really needs me? What if our website goes down and I have no idea? What if one of my Small Steps members has an urgent question about a recipe they are in the middle of making? What if a friend is in need?

Um - HOW DID ANYONE POSSIBLY SURVIVE before being notified instantly about everything on a technological device that is usually less than two feet away from them?

How indeed….

It’s so unnatural to have information being thrown at us all the time. And often BEEPING too - just to make sure it is really distracting us.

Remember that a social media platforms JOB is to have you there. For as long as possible. They are making money from you being there and clicking things. It’s a business. And they are clever.

But you can control the time you are spending on social media by CHOOSING when you check in.  You can choose whether to be cluttered by constant beeping …. or not.

Watch the video above where I share how I make decisions about what I get notified about.

And head into the Facebook Group to share how this makes you feel, and report in when you’re done!